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How To Choose High Quality SPC Flooring

The SPC floor is synthesized by the PVC resin and stone powder through high temperature calcining, without the use of glue and other substances, and its formaldehyde content is far lower than the national standard of the optimum standard of floor formaldehyde 0.1mg/L. Because its composition is stone powder and colophony, another one of stone model floor advantage is flame retardant. Additional, its super-strong wearability compares aggrandizement to compound floor, service life is as long as 10 years.

Compared with solid wood flooring, the advantages of SPC flooring are low price, waterproof and fireproof, not easy to deform and wear-resistant. Compared with laminate flooring, SPC flooring has the advantages of low formaldehyde content and flame retardancy; compared with marble and ceramic tiles. The advantage of SPC flooring is light weight, good sound-absorbing effect and good elasticity. In addition, the SPC floor has a lot of colors, can simulate natural wood grain, stone grain, and can also have the same geometric pattern as the tile. Since the listing of SPC flooring, it has caused a certain degree of threat to the market of laminate flooring.

At present, there are some low - price SPC flooring in the market. Don't damage your physical and mental health because of the small profits of the moment, and bring long-term hidden dangers. The so-called "one point for one price", fine and reasonable price is only applicable in certain change range, and the most constant is still based on quality pricing, quality and price.

How to choose high quality SPC flooring

1. The products must pass the national important testing and certification. For example, ISO9001, ISO4001 quality certification system, China national standard, China measurement certification. In addition, ship certification, US floor score certification, EU safety certification, green environmental certification, SGS international authority certification, etc. are all more stringent and widely applicable standards worldwide.

2. We must pay attention to the indicators of physical and chemical performance. Sampling inspections are carried out before the products leave the factory, and only those that meet the standard requirements are qualified products.

3. Pay attention to the uniformity of specifications and sizes.The size of each plate must meet the requirements. If the deviation is too large, it will inevitably cause uneven seams and deformation of patterns, thus affecting the overall decorative effect.

4. We must pay attention to the difference between raw materials and manufacturing processes. At present, the base materials used by domestic manufacturers can be roughly divided into two types: new materials and recycled materials. The good SPC floor is made of new material, the elasticity is large, it is not easily deformed by soaking water, it is not easy to shrink when it is cold, and the edge of the floor does not curl easily.

5. Pay attention to product appearance quality.The flexibility of high grade stone model floor is very good, although random twist is bent, its surface also won't have the break mark of crack.

6. We must pay special attention to after-sales service guarantee. The quality of the construction is as important as the quality of the product, affecting the service life of the stone-plastic floor.




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