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UV Coating For SPC Vinyl Plank

From the structure of the SPC lock floor, the uv layer: This layer determines the anti-fouling ability of the floor and the ability to protect the color film layer (anti-ultraviolet radiation discoloration). The responsible factory process will go through at least 2 uv.

The wear-resistant layer : Basically determines the service life of our floor. It is also the key layer that determines the degree of wear resistance of the floor.

The thickness is generally 0.3mm to 0.7mm; color film layer: it is the floor pattern and color that we can directly see; SPC base material: it is a mixture of polyvinyl chloride and calcium powder; optional additional layer: its main function is to increase the sound insulation effect and feel comfortable on the feet.

The SPC lock floor not only adds a wear-resistant layer, but the uv layer also protects the floor to a certain extent and increases the service life of the floor.




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