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What Is SPC Click Flooring

The floor is a click link. This click flooring is simple to assemble and can be assembled without glue. Generally, the floor needs adhesive connection during the paving process, but the adhesive contains chemical components such as formaldehyde. If used, it will form indoor and air pollution. It will endanger people's health.

SPC click flooring, is popular in commercial places, mainly for hospitals, kindergartens, schools, work areas, electronic clean workshops, sports venues. It has various of color patterns, wear-resistant floor, sterile floor, non-slip moisture-proof floor, new floor, environmental protection floor.

Advantages of SPC Click floor:

1. Oil resistant, easy cleaning. The original material of the SPC click floor has a very fine structure, the oil can not enter into the inside layer, just wipe the oil off in real time, you can insist on cleaning on the ground. Part of the oil can be directly scrubbed with a rag, and a large area of oil can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner.

2. Anti-collision is easy to maintain. The SPC click floor is made of soft PVC material, which can be used to cushion the impact of heavy objects and avoid damage to the ground. The unique locking structure also makes the replacement on the ground very simple. If the sharp object damages the part of the floor, just replace the damaged part.

3. Super wear-resistant, long service life. SPC click floor is made of thickening production process. The overall thickness of the floor is the thickness of the wear layer. It has super wear-resisting effect and can be used for 5-8 years in the workshop.

4. High load bearing, more slip resistant. The SPC click floor is a solid structure, and there is no problem with the load on the ground. The load capacity can reach more than 10 tons per square meter. The exterior of the floor has a raised texture during the production process, making the floor of the workshop more lubricated.

5. Easy installation. SPC click floor is relatively loose on the ground and the bottom is only required to be flat and clean. No glue is needed during the installation process, and the locks are connected to each other on the ground. The laid product can be used immediately without waiting.

6. Various of color Patterns, easy to match. SPC click buckle floor color is red, yellow, black, gray, blue, green and other colors, can also be adjusted according to customer requirements. The square structure makes the construction preparation very simple.




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