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Why Is SPC Vinyl Flooring Popular In The World

SPC vinyl flooring is a new type of floor decoration material widely used in various countries in the world. It is popular in the European and American markets and the Asia-Pacific market. It is also very popular in China and has a broad development prospect.

First, the decoration is strong

SPC flooring tile has a lot of color varieties such as carpet, stone, wood floor, grass, etc., the lines are realistic and beautiful, the color is rich and beautiful, the cutting and splicing is simple and easy, and the creativity and imagination can be fully utilized to fully satisfy the designer and Individualized needs of different users and different decorative styles. And no color difference, resistance to light, no radiation, long-term use does not fade.

Second, the installation and construction is fast and easy to maintain

SPC floor installation is relatively quick, no cement mortar, it can be used after 24 hours. Easy to clean, maintenance-free, not afraid of water, oil, acid, alkali and other chemical substances, generally cleaned with a wet mop, saving time and effort. No waxing after installation, just normal daily maintenance can be as clean as new.

Third, environmental regeneration

SPC flooring is a reclaimed ground material that is of great significance for protecting our planet's natural resources and ecological environment.




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