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  • 250X7mm Printing Color Techo PVC Para Cielo Raso Panels Ceiling En China
250X7mm Printing Color Techo PVC Para Cielo Raso Panels Ceiling En China

250X7mm Printing Color Techo PVC Para Cielo Raso Panels Ceiling En China

  • Model:H25-8
  • Material: PVC +Calcuim Carbonate
  • Size :250X7X5950mm
  • Surface Treatment:Printing
  • Description: 1 Place of Orgian: China 2 Loading Port : Shanghai Port 3 Package : 10 pieces /Package 4 Length:2440mm/2900mm/3000m/3950mm/5800mm/5950mm

Printing PVC Panel for ceiling and wall

Note The length,width,thickness,color of panels all can be customized
Brank Name HYDE / OEM/ ODM
Material PVC resin and calcium carbonate
PVC Ceiling Panel
2.Length: 5.80 or 5.95m or as required
4.Weight:2.2/2.4 kg/sqm
5.PVC content: 40%,50% ,60%,70%
6.Packaging:shrink-film , PE-film, carton
PVC Ceiling Panel Features
1) Easily assembly and clean
2) Without gap when concatenated
3) Hundreds of colors and types for you choose
4) High intensity, corrode-resisting, aging-resisting
Indoor/Outdoor Decoration like Hotels, commercial buildings, hospitals, schools ect.
Payment terms

20FT Containner Max 5.8m;40 Hc Container Max 5.95m

Delivery time
Within 10-15 days

Product Details:

White,wooden,marble,flower ect more than 1000 colors can meet you choose.

PVC Panel Accessories Also Can Supply
Mainly use clips : U CLIPS / TOP CLIPS(Corner Cove)
Customer can take the clips as different decoration need

The Features
1  Quick and easy installation
2  Water resistant
3  Widely used for decorating the Ceiling panel of the rooms and house
4  Easy to clean
5  Hygienic , eco-friendly
6  Can be installed horizontally or vertically
7  Good thermal insulation & sound insulation
8  It can be produced according to customer's supplied samples

Who Should Used The PVC Ceiling Panels ?

PVC CEILING PANELS is an alternative product for household and commerical project's ceiling ansd wall decorating,with Waterproof/Mildew resistant/Corrosion resistant/Easy to clean/Easy to install/Low cost /variety of patterns ,it will be the best material for decoration .

PVC CEILINGS are the answer if you are looking to install a new and modern ceiling in your home, business, school or any internal space.

PVC CEILINGS offer a sanitary environment for concerned parents and a stylish look, quick-to-install solution, modern and an entire house ceiling can be installed with no dust or mess.

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