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  • Piso Spc 100% Impermeable
Piso Spc 100% Impermeable

Product Description:

1 4mm thick / 5mm thick
0.5mm / 20mil wear layer or 0.3mm / 12mil wear layer
9" Wide Plank Design / 7" Wide Plank Design
A 20-Year Residential and 5-year Commercial Warranty 
100% Waterproof - Each layer of SPC is 100% waterproof
Pet Friendly - SPC flooring's dual wear layers protect it from scratches and "accidents" from pets
Eco Friendly - SPC flooring is low in VOC's and formaldehyde free, making it safe foor the environment
Recyclable - Because SPC flooring is made from eco-friendly materials, it is recycable
Child Friendly - SPC flooring is resistant to spills, scrapes and dents. It is also free of harsh chemicals making it child safe
10 SPC Vinyl Core- SPC core is composed of limestone and virgin vinyl. No regrinds and no wood dust.
11 No Acclamation- SPC flooring requires no acclamation period making installation time more efficient.
12 Click Lock Installation - Our SPC floors are amazilgly easy to install. No tapping is required on short and long edge.
13 Elegant DIY Tiles - These vinyl wall tiles are easy to install and look quite elegant with a no-mess grout appearance. As backsplash panels, they're a great finishing touch to your dream kitchen, or an added element of style to your bathroom. No costly installation because the tiles are DIY friendly.
14 Light Weight & Durable - We've constructed our vinyl tiles out of durable PVC material. It will hold up to moisture, sunlight, and washing, but it's also lightweight making cutting and installing the tiles less of a hassle and much easier for the do-it-yourselfer.




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