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Hyde Ecological Flooring Series :Designed for babies

For many young people, decorating a new house, especially how to decorate the children's room, especially how to choose the floor materials of the children's room, is a very distressing thing. Today, let's talk about the correct choice of floor material for children's room.

It is reported that when babies are five or six months old, the floor has become their favorite place. They can lie, sit and climb. It not only has large activity space, but also more climbing is more conducive to the growth and development of infants.

The most suitable floor for children's room is SPC floor, which is relatively safe and easy to clean. It is best not to use materials such as marble to pave the floor. Some stones without certification contain radioactive materials, which will affect children's health. It is also not recommended to place carpets. Carpets are easy to absorb dust and mites. Long term use will lead to children suffering from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis or skin diseases.

Hyde ecological flooring series

Designed for babies
New material flooring,
0 aldehyde, green environmental protection, strong stability,
Geothermal resistant and
Better wear resistance, moisture resistance, fire resistance and water resistance
Especially suitable for families with children.




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